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Haritaki [Sanskrit] means translated: He who comes from the house of God. Similarly, Haritaki is also Buddha's sacred fruit, he is depicted in countless Medicine Buddha statues with a Haritaki fruit and a Haritaki branch. This symbolically illustrates the importance of Haritaki for our health, and long life.

In Ayurveda, Haritaki - due to its manifold effects - is described as number 1, or "queen of all medicinal plants". Haritaki strengthens all four doshas.


"The supreme nectar that illuminates the mind"

7th century Buddhists

Haritaki Club

Haritaki Club focuses on this - especially among monks, yogis and spiritual masters - highly valued plant, with the aim to let its power also work in Europe. Our Haritaki products are based - besides the ayurvedic knowledge - mainly on years of own use experience. Extensive tests and experience, over more than 6 years, have allowed us to offer the - from our point of view - best product on the market, at a reasonable price.

We source only fresh and especially finely ground - as well as gently dried - Haritaki powder from the southern Himalayan region, the area from which Tibetan monks have been sourcing it for centuries. Each delivery is after the Bio Zertifzierung another time by a rennomierten German laboratory microbiologically examined, before it goes into the sales.


We offer capsule and powder products in different sizes.

What can you expect as our partner?

If you have an affiliate account with us, you will receive a commission for each referred sale. But that's not all, we allow you to bring other affiliates into the network, with the advantage that you also participate in their sales (lifetime), giving you a multiplier, and thus generate a passive income. Our affiliate system is based on a network marketing technology, also called multilevel marketing (MLM), and offers significant advantages for affiliate partners.

MLM Compensation Structure

MLM stands for Multilevel Marketing, i.e. we remunerate sales over 4 levels (Multilevel). It is credited per mediated sale a total of 20% commission of the net value of goods. I.e. with a successfully mediated sale over 100,00 € net commodity value, 20,00 € are credited at commissions, which divide themselves according to the following diagram on the involved team (Affiliate partner).

Level 1
receives own commission and participates in commission from partners from level 2, 3, 4.

Level 2
receives own commission and participates in commission from partners from level 3 and 4.

Level 3
receives own commission and participates in commission from partners from level 4.

Level 4
receives only own commission.

Commissions on 4 levels

So you not only earn commissions from your own sales, but also participate in all sales of the affiliate partners you recruited (up to the 4th level). This way you generate a passive income.

Your Team

All partners that you recruit are added to your team, as well as those that are recruited by them. According to the chart, you earn money from their sales.

How do I get a team?

When you are invited by another affiliate to join our affiliate program, you automatically become part of their team. Likewise, affiliates you refer automatically become part of your team.

In the partner area (logged in) you will find a corresponding partner invitation link, with which you can quickly and easily build your team.

More details

  • Cookie Lifetime: 30 days
  • Cancellation rate: 2%
  • Cart value: 50 Euro
  • Branch: Health and nutrition
  • Sales area: EU (Europe)
  • Coupons: Yes

Benefits for the partners

  • Unique products of the highest quality
  • High commissions
  • Passive income: Multilevel marketing (4 levels)
  • Powerful product with multiple effects
  • Very low cancellation rates
  • Fast store with high conversion rate
  • High quality product display

Advantages for the clientele

  • Unique product "The sacred fruit of Buddha".
  • The number 1 in Ayurveda: "Queen of all medicinal plants".
  • Extensively scientifically studied
  • Organic-Ceritified
  • Independently lab tested
  • Very good price / quality ratio
  • Fast support
  • Free shipping from 85€
  • Extensive payment methods
  • Extensive information

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