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EU organic certified
Our products come from controlled organic cultivation and are bottled according to GMP/ISO Standard 22000.

Product overview

Haritaki capsules, powder or our powder combined with a practical splash-proof travel set
Organic Haritaki Powder (250g)
Organic Haritaki Powder
€ 24,98
Organic Haritaki Powder (500g)
Organic Haritaki Powder
€ 44,98
Organic Haritaki Powder Travel Set (250g)
Organic Haritaki Powder
Travel Set (250g)
€ 32,98
Organic Haritaki Powder Travel Set (500g)
Organic Haritaki Powder
Travel Set (500g)
€ 49,98
Haritaki Capsules (100 pcs)
Organic Haritaki Capsules
(100 pcs)
€ 19,98
Haritaki Capsules (200 pcs)
Organic Haritaki Capsules
(200 pcs)
€ 35,98
Haritaki Capsules (300 pcs)
Organic Haritaki Capsules
(300 pcs)
€ 49,98
Haritaki Capsules (400 pcs)
Organic Haritaki Capsules
(400 pcs)
€ 59,98


Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) is an Ayurvedic spice powder; it is a gently ground organic fruit powder made from whole organic Haritaki fruits and is 100% pure vegetable.
Without sweeteners
Lactose free
Gluten free
GMO free
Without artificial colorants
Without artificial additives

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Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) is a component of over 400 Ayurvedic recipes. Haritaki is called the "queen of all medicinal plants" in Ayurvedic literature.

In it, manifold positive effects on the body and mind are attributed.

Not least, Haritaki is also described therein as a "rejuvenating herb".

Haritaki: a legend since ancient times

"Haritaki is as nutritious and useful as breast milk" - Maharishi Charak (Physician and co-founder of Ayurveda, 1-2 century A.D.)

Haritaki Buddha

Customer opinions

"Your Haritaki is flawless, we order from you for our entire yoga studio." - Eleonora (24.10.2022)

"There is a reason that Buddha is holding a Haritaki fruit in his hands in the many illustrations, and not something else. Thank you for making this sacred fruit known to us, I have been taking it for years, everyone should." - Max (12.10.2022)

"At first I had the typical laxative detoxification problems and thought I could not tolerate it. But that subsided on the third day, since then no more problems and I feel good and better than before." - Ayse (01.10.2022)

"That Haritaki is highly praised in Ayurveda I knew for some time, but I had never tried it. After I ordered it from you and now take it daily for 3 weeks I feel wonderfully light and fit." - Clemens (13.9.2022)

"I had previously ordered the powder from another company, the powder was brown and theirs was yellow. I insist on your quality and have the other returned. We now only order from Haritaki Club." - Manuela (22.8.2022)

"I am a capsule person, so I only know your Haritaki capsules. They do me good and improve my metabolism, I no longer want without." - Katrin (3.8.2022)

"Super service, good product, all the best." - Michaela (10.7.2022)

"Haritaki has become an integral part of our family's diet. Your product has convinced us, we are now regular customers at Haritak Club." - Sebastian (8.6.2022)

"Thank you very much, your product is top class. I have been using Haritaki for years and find the quality excellent." - Martina (22.5.2022)

"It takes about 3 weeks until it works, I am now at 1 tsp / day and more, have increased it slowly, started with half. The powder is bitter, but not so bad, it is rather a real wake-up, and for micht no longer imagine doing without." - Axel (8.4.2022)

"My blood sugar levels have been in the normal range since I started taking Haritaki, wonderful product. I love it!!" - Manuela (23.3.2022)

"Super that you now also offer capsules. The Haritaki taste is already a bit tart, but with the capsules no longer a problem for me." - Karla (14.3.2022)

"Your Haritaki is much finer and also tastes better than my old one. You get a thumbs up from me!" - Franz-Peter (10.3.2022)

"The first time I took your Haritaki, before going to bed, and I had dreams like never before. It definitely works (for me)." - Mirna (27.2.2022)

"From now on my constant companion. Your travel set is great, really practical and small." - Hang (12.2.2022)

"I have been taking Haritaki for a few years now and was pleasantly surprised by your product, great!" - Mathias (30.1.2022)

"The supreme nectar, that illuminates the mind ... I have replaced coffee with Haritaki, it works better for me, and makes me awake." - Susanne (18.1.2022)

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